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Conference services

The business center WTC NN has a place for conferences, business seminars, exhibitions, lectures, business meetings and other activities and events of different size and status. Meeting area is located on the tenth floor of the World Trade Center Nizhny Novgorod, where the space of the press center MEDIA STRIKE HALL includes a large conference hall, small hall, VIP-hall, recreation area and informal communication (Free Zone), as well as a café zone.

  •  It is a modern press center with convenient facilities and features.
  • This is a place for activities and events of different size and status.
  • It is a meeting of representatives of the business community, politicians, experts and journalists.
  • It is a space for meaningful dialogue, constructive dialogue and heated debate.
  • This is an opportunity to give the event a federal scale, or create conditions for complete privacy.
  • This is a new level of media opportunities, welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Tel: +7 (831) 202-202-2

WTC Nizhny Novgorod